Our mission

Level Playing Field was established after making contact with 11 female athletes who are in hiding for fear of their lives due to their involvement in sport. Our mission is to extract them from their current circumstances and welcome these brave women and their families to Ireland. We are a dedicated group of volunteers approved by the Irish Refugee Protection Programme using community sponsorship as the vehicle to support these families to independent living in Ireland.

  • Our primary aim is to secure humanitarian visas and welcome these athletes and their families to Ireland. Level Playing Field will continue to provide support around community integration once these families arrive.
  • Before they arrive, we need to fundraise and find suitable properties for these women and their families. To help us help those affected we would be grateful for any support you can offer to welcome the resettled athletes and their families into our community. 
  • All funds raised will be used to support the athletes’ and their families' integration during the first two years. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Irish Refugee Council. 
  • We are working with many organisations to navigate this difficult task including the Irish Refugee Protection Programme and the Irish Refugee Council.
  • We are really excited to bring together the community - our neighbours, friends, local businesses and groups - to help us achieve our goal. 

Please join us! Watch out for our fundraising activities and follow us on social media for updates. 

Get involved


These are the ways you can help:

  • Galway: we are aiming to have two female athletes  travel with families to Galway very soon. If you would be interested in helping support these brave athletes resettle in Galway, please contact us with your details here
  • Housing and accommodation - do you have access to or know of suitable residential accommodation for athletes and their families for 1-2 years? (Register your interest here - the Housing Assistant Payment applies)
  • Supporting life in Ireland - provide practical, non-financial assistance such as professional and personal support, friendship, networking and social opportunities (email support@levelplayingfield.ie)
  • Community fund - donate what you can to assist the female athletes and their families (please use our idonate page here.)
  • Join Level Playing Field Ireland - if you would like to join us and support with your time, skills or expertise, we would love to hear from you (email support@levelplayingfield.ie)

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